Managers, researchers of inbiodroid meet

On June 2 we were visited at the Inbiodroid development house by Dr. Arturo Lara, Dr. Luis Albero Muñoz, Dr. José de Jesús Colin Robles and Dr. Víctor Ayala, researchers and advisors in the construction of the new Prometheus 2.0 version.

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Novaera Institute Science Fair

Alejandro Ramos de la Peña CIO Inbiodroid was present at the Novaera Institute science fair giving a lecture on innovation as the basis for socio-economic transformation to the parents of the institution.

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Ininbio visited Inbiodroid installations

The Inbiodroid development house had the pleasant visit of Benjamin Ibarra, founding partner and director of Ininbio, a company dedicated to meet the need to satisfy the demand of this sector that seeks nutrients..

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