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ANA Avatar XPRIZE together with ANA and XPRIZE


ANA AVATAR XPRIZE is sponsored by Japan’s largest airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), and XPRIZE, an organization that designs and manages public competitions that promote breakthroughs to improve the world for the benefit of humanity by creating a better future and a world with infinite possibilities of abundance, where we can all imagine, create and collaborate, giving people the opportunity to become an active voice in their community no matter what part of the world they are from – scientists, engineers, academics, entrepreneurs and other innovators to team up and compete for collective solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges in food, water, energy, healthcare, education and communications.

ANA Avatar XPRIZE has been running competitions for 25 years, providing more than $140 million in prize money, and has led to many projects where technology has changed industry by improving the world and making it more sustainable.

Inbiodroid in ANA AVATAR XPRIZE competition taking a step further to telepresence technology.


The goal of this competition is to develop an avatar that can transmit human presence to a remote location in real time and implementing the senses and various activities, overcoming human physical limitations.

Inbiodroid multidisciplinary team of young technological innovators whose mission is to create the most advanced robotic technology in social and technological development, is competing with international teams in ANA AVATAR XPRIZE, where it officially registered in September 2019 and starting to develop this robot in January 2020 in the competition competed 150 teams, Inbiodroid classified for the next step being within the 77 selected teams, this is how they pass in April 2021 to the next phase of semifinalists conformed by 38 international teams in the ANA Avatar Xprizer competition in 2021, being the only Mexican in the list.

( By October 2021 it was announced that the Inbiodroid team together with Prometheus, were able to reach the final
of this great competition ANA AVATAR XPRIZE where they are among the top 15 teams worldwide, with this project is how they are
making themselves known Inbiodroid with their great ingenuity to form this type of high-tech avatar and competing for a prize of $10M USD. )

Inbiodroid is made up of diverse collaborators such as scientists, engineers, student volunteers and administrators, all of them have carried out the Promethus robot avatar projector that is still in the process of improvement for this final of the ANA AVATAR XPRIZE contest to be held in November 2022 at the Long Beach Convention Center, Los Angeles, California, USA.